DJ Problem Child - Live On 29.4.2020 (93-94 Hardcore & Jungle Selection)


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D.J. Peshay & Roger Johnson - In My Soul [2000 AD]

Dark & Moody Volume 2 - Untitled [Dark & Moody]

DJ Red Alert & Mike Slammer - Gotta Release [Slammin' Vinyl]

Remarc - Help Me [Dollar]

Warped Kore - The Power [White House]

Remarc - 4 Da Vibes [Dollar]

DJ Red Alert & Mike Slammer - 1-2-3 [Slammin' Vinyl]

Smith & Brown - Do It Now [Homegrown]

Naughty Naughty Volume 2 - Untitled [Naughty Naughty]

DJ Exodus - Can't Stop The Feeling [Skeleton]

DJ (Ravers Choice) Vibes - Hardcore Heavyweight [Asylum]

Enforcer - Dam Tuff [Awesome]

Bay B Kane - Jungle Warriors [White House]

DJ (Ravers Choice) Vibes - All I Need [Asylum]

Eat Life - The Bells 94 (DJ Pooch Remix) [Cut & Run]

The Source - Celebrate [Awesome]

DJ (Ravers Choice) Vibes - Music So Wonderful (Obsession - Wishdokta RMX) [Asylum]

Ravers Choice 1 - Darkness Tonight [Ravers Choice]

DJ Wax - Moments So Dark (Remix) [Spandangle Selection]

DJ Pooch - Love Me Now [Spandangle Selection]

Origin Unknown - The Touch (Part 2) [Ram]

Bay B Kane - Bagpipes In Effect [Kikman]

DJ's Unknown Vol. 1 - Untitled (Mix 1) [Homegrown]

Spirits From An Urban Jungle - Epilogue To Freedom [White House]

The Untouchables - Take Me Away [White House]

Mad Dog III - My God [Underdog]

The Criminal Minds - Amen (Again) [Section 12]

Bay B Kane - Twilight Zone (Key Of imagination Remix) [Kikman]

DJ Rap & Aston - Jeopardy (DJ Spice Mix) [Suburban Base]

DJ (Ravers Choice) Vibes - Midsummer Mist [Asylum]

Njoi 😎

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