DJ Problem Child - Live On 26.5.2021 (93 Darkcore Jungle Vinyl)


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Apr 14, 2006

Cool Hand Flex - Woman [Ruff Groove]

DJ Junk - Junk 04 (Remix) [Junk]

Chaos & Julia Set - Fear The Future (Original Chaos Mix) [Recoil]

D.O.P.E. - When I Was Young (DJ Easy B & T-Bags Revisited Mix) [Rugged Vinyl]

Essence Of Aura - Can I Dream [Outstanding Productions]

FBD Project - The Core [Bang-In Tunes]

Defender - Feel It (Bass) [Gyroscope]

Eze-G - Music Box [Unatural Light]

Liquid Aliens - Are You Sure I'll Be OK? [Liquid Wax]

DJ Phantasy - The Atmosphere [Liquid Wax]

Lemon D - Pursuit Thru The Darkness [Planet Earth/Infrared]

Nut-E-1 - Liquid Affray [Bear Necessities]

DJ Solo - Darkage [Production House]

Wots My Code - Dubplate (Just Jump Around) [Advance]

Studio 2 - Dirty Games [Kemet]

Tom & Jerry - Neatly dealt With [Tom & Jerry]

Internal Affairs - In My Soul [Reinforced]

4 Hero - In The Shadow Part III (The Stalker Remix) [Reinforced]

DJ Hype - Weird Energy (Hells' Bells Mix) [Suburban Base]

DJ Hype - Shot In The Dark [Suburbban Base]

The Man From Formation - Untitled [F Project]

Jim Polo - The Night Rider Pt. 1 [Dark Horse]

From The Man Like Pennywise - Suspension Of Disbelief [Symphony Sound]

Bonnie & Highlander - Summer Breeze (Micky Finn's Breeze Mix) [Pirate Club]

Foul Play - Finest Illusion [Section 5]

Probe & Pugwash - Hell On Earth [I-D]

DJ Trace - Never Felt This Way (Intel Mix) [Dee Jay]

Intense - Paradox [Rugged Vinyl]

Studio Presha - Presha [Certificate 18]

Evil D - Untitled [Pirate]

Njoi 🎶🎵🎼😎

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