DJ Problem Child Live On 16.5.2018 (New DNB/Jungle Vinyl Selection)


Overlook - Crisis [Osiris Music]

Overlook - Spirits Moving Through The Walls [UVB 76]

Overlook - Never Understand [Osiris Music]

Overlook - Ritual (Ft Mono) [UVB 76]

Overlook - Down The Rabbit Hole [Osiris Music]

Overlook - All Of Them Witches [UVB 76]

ASC - Ignite [Samurai]

Djrum - What Was I Doing When I Was Doing What I Was Doing [Samurai]

ASC - Space Echo [Samurai]

Tokyo Prose - Restricted Orbit [Samurai]

Artilect - Something Else [Repertoire]

Law & Wheeler - Night Forms [Repertoire]

Artilect - Something Else (Homemade Weapons Remix) [Repertoire]

Ilk - Return to Swansborough [Repertoire]

Cycle-One - Divination [Repertoire]

Ricky Force - Suburban Nights [Repertoire]

dgoHn - Dooky [Love Love]

Jem One - Days Gone By [117]

dgoHn - So Be It, Lumbricina [Love Love]

Jem One - Scorpion [117]

mSdoS & Greekboy - Darkrooms [Skeleton]

Enjoy - Switch [Criterion]

mSdoS & Greekboy - Ionosphere [Skeleton]

Tim Reaper - PSI (Dwarde's S950 Remix) [Scientific Wax Retro]

FFF - Never Let You Fall [Myor Massiv]

Nebula - Jazz Retro [Scientific Wax Retro]

Sully - Vacancy [Uncertain Hour]

Seba Ft Blackeye MC - War On Music [Rupture]

Sully - Amour [Rupture]

Tonic - New Stylee [The Living Dream]

Njoi :)

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