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DJ Problem Child - Live On Jungletrain.net 10.7.2019 (2019 Old/Nu Skool & Modern Jungle Releases)


Active Member
Hamilton Scalpel - Anti Vibe (UK Complience) [Concrete Cabin]
Msymiakos - Need It Bad [Meditator Music]
DJ XX - Too Late [Spandangle Selection]
DJ Junk - Monsters And Demons (Remix) [Spandangle Selection]
DJ XX - Take Me Higher [Spandangle Selection]
Phineus II - Meridian Response [Green Bay Wax]
Phineus II - Dome Trips [Green Bay Wax]
Phineus II - Time To Play [Green Bay Wax]
Tim Reaper & Dwarde - Untitled [Globex Corp]
Tim Reaper & Dwarde - Untitled [Globex Corp]
Coco Bryce - Come 2 U [Western Lore]
Response & Pliskin - The Mancunian Way [Western Lore]
Liquid Silk/Worldwide Epidemic - Different Era [Vivid]
DJ Pooch - Love Me Now (Remix) [Spandangle Selection]
DJ Wax - PD-21 [Spandangle Selection]
Windmill - Devine Inspiration [Modern Urban Jazz]
Chalke (Lom) - The Resurrection [Force Of Nature]
DJ Dlux - Freedom [Existence Is Resistance]
Tom & Jerry - Who Can Draw 'VIP' [Tom & Jerry]
Roger Johnson - In My Soul (V.I.P Mix) [Basement]
PFM - Runaway [De:Tuned]
Response & Pliskin - Persecution [Western Lore]
Sonic - Workbench [Western Lore]
Mani Festo - Warehouse Theory [Rupture]
Threshold - When It Rains It Pours [AKO Beatz]
Abyss - Journey Of A Crackhead [Myor Massiv]
Dead Man's Chest - Drum Shanty [Diamond Life]
Nebula - Artcore [Scientific Wax Retro]
Manaia Toa - Rainbow Tune [Head Wound]

Mixcloud: Download: http://www.mediafire.com/file/y4j6115yyp22y8z/DJProblemChild-LiveOnJungletrain.net10.7.2019.mp3/file