DJ Problem Child Live On Jungle Train Radio 31.05.2017 (2 Hour Drumfunk/Jungle Selection)


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Apr 14, 2006

Ricky Force & Mecca - Dead Eye [AKO Beatz]

Nebula - Hard Soul [Scientific Wax]

Dub-One - Hot Sweat [Scientific Wax]

Rumbleton - Infinite Range Of Awareness [Rupture]

martianMan - Keep Your Dread [Stand Firm Hi-Fi]

martianMan - The Mind [martianMan]

martianMan - Tracy's Grunt [martianMan]

Infest & Quasi - Azul [Subtle Audio]

Mecca & Code - In Cold Blood [Subtle Audio]

Infest & Quasi - More Out Of Life [Subtle Audio]

Threshold - Blizzard [Skeleton]

Nebula - Be Strong [Scientific Wax]

Kid Lib - Monochrome [Fresh 86]

Demented Soul - Rastafari [Foundation X]

Threshold - Scandal (Tannoy RIP Version) [Foundation X]

martianMan - Got A Dream [martianMan]

martianMan - Unknown Space [martianMan]

Nebula - Rolling Waves [Scientific Wax]

Headgear & Threshold - Imitation Rasta [AKO Beatz]

Forest Drive West - Jungle Crack [Rupture]

Tim Reaper - Refactor [Skeleton]

FBD Project - The Core (DSP Remix) [Bang-In Tunes]

martianMan - Exile Dub [martianMan]

martianMan - Ion Storm [martianMan]

Ricky Force - The Cause [Skeleton]

Nebula - Properties Of Terror [Scientific Wax]

Njoi :)

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