DJ Problem Child Live On Jungle Train Radio 29.11.2017 (2017 Jungle/Drum & Bass Vinyl Selection)


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Apr 14, 2006
Last nights radio show on 2017 Jungle/D&B Vinyl :)


Threshold - Rumours [Skeleton]

Gremlinz - Untitled Bleeps [Skeleton]

Tim Reaper - Time's Up [Skeleton]

Jem-One - Tortured Soul [Skeleton]

Theory - Apache Warrior [Skeleton]

Soul Intent - Hoe Avenue [Skeleton]

Ricky Force - Relapse [Skeleton]

Scale & Parallel - From Machines With Love [Criterion]

Rumbleton - Kings Chamber [Stand Firm Hi-Fi]

Scale & DJ Fox - Helios [Criterion]

Rumbleton - I Like You [Stand Firm Hi-Fi]

Headgear - Planet03 [AKO Beatz]

Enjoy - Just A Vibe [AKO Beatz]

Double O - Dreamin' [AKO Beatz]

Headgear - Dem Deh [AKO Beatz]

Enjoy - Fragile [AKO Beatz]

Double O - Cutlass Style [AKO Beatz] (2 Copies)

Double O - After Dawn [AKO Beatz]

Rumbleton & Terpsichore - Big Wednesday [Skeleton]

Recon & Paragon - Manhunt [Skeleton]

Antidote - Dead Cities [Skeleton]

Eric Electric - All We Need [Skeleton]

Response & Pliskin - Ask Yourself [Skeleton]

Conspire - Deep Architecture [Skeleton]

Sicknote - All Crew [Silent Force]

Abstract Illusion - Lo Fi Selassi I [Silent Force]

Chaos Spy - Scanners [Silent Force]

Redshift - The Vision [Silent Force] (2 Copies)


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