DJ Problem Child Live On Jungle Train Radio 15.11.2017 (2000-2003 Selection)


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Apr 14, 2006

Solar Motion - Get Dread [Reinforced 2nd Wave]

Digital - Watch It [Reinforced 2nd Wave]

Loxy & Ink - Heavy Mental [Renegade Hardware]

Mindmachine - Traumatized [Cylon]

Tango & Ratty - Tonic [Basement]

Tango + Ratty - Tales Of The Darkside (Digital Remix) [Timeless]

Total Science - Turtle Wax [Renegade Hardware]

Doc Scott - Here Come The Drums (Breakage Remix) [Reinforced 2nd Wave]

Special Touch - Bad Lands [Reinforced 2nd Wave]

Loxy & Ink - Shine [Metalheadz]

Total Science - Screwball [Metalheadz]

Sonic & Silver - Innacorner [Metalheadz]

Tango - Understanding (Total Science Remix) [Notch]

Tango & Ratty - Inventa [L Plates]

Kabuki Vs Savine - Invader [Reinforced 2nd Wave]

Genotype - Crazy Days [Reinforced 2nd Wave]

Unknown - Music So Wonderful 2002 [Not On Label]

Total Science - Hot Spot [Timeless]

Phantom Audio - Remote Control [Timeless]

Loxy & Dylan - Nightmare (Digital Remix) [Renegade Hardware]

DJ Ink - Kaos Theory [Renegade Hardware]

Tango - Sent To Coventry [Media]

Kirby - Krunch [J.A.K. Audio]

Delta & Format - Sparks [Critical]

Simon Bassline Smith - Moving Target [Grid]

Tribalist - Still Standing [Reinforced 2nd Wave]

Bug Nyne - Wishbone [Reinforced 2nd Wave]

G-Force & Seiji - Clear Vision (2001 Edit) [Reinforced 2nd Wave]

Digital - Ghost Town [Timeless]

Njoi :)

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