DJ Problem Child Live On Jungle Train Radio 12.07.2017 (Nu Skool Jungle Techno 2013-2017 Selection)


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Apr 14, 2006
FX & Kutmaster K - The Dark Inside Me [Dead Beat/Forthcoming]
FX - Bobby! [Demonic Possession/Forthcoming]
FX - Medusa [Demonic Possession]
FX - Hound Of The Basvervilles [Demonic Possession]
Dead Man's Chest - Open Your Eyes [Ingredients]
Dead Man's Chest - Fresh Nation [Ingredients]
Dead Man's Chest - Rinsa [Ingredients]
Tim Reaper & Worldwide Epidemic - Z Maze [7th Storey Projects]
Fringe - Is That Why [7th Storey Projects]
Worldwide Epidemic - Ruler Of Olympus [7th Storey Projects]
Worldwide Epidemic - Telemechanique [Jedi]
Worldwide Epidemic - Proceed...(Through The Gates Of Hell) [7th Storey Projects]
Worldwide Epidemic - Contrast [Jedi]
Worldwide Epidemic - Obliquity [7th Storey Projects]
Dead Man's Chest - Cutthroat Hardcore [Ingredients]
Dead Man's Chest - Revenant [Ingredients]
Dead Man's Chest - Warehouse [Ingredients]
FX & Kutmaster K - Monster [Dead Beat/Forthcoming]
FX - Marked [Demonic Possession/Forthcoming]
FX - Diabolical [Demonic Possession]
Tim Reaper & Dwarde - Untitled [Globex Corp]
Equinox - Rollin' Out [7th Storey Projects]
Tim Reaper & Dwarde - Untitled [Globex Corp]
Manix - I Can Feel It [Reinforced]
Double O - The Centre [Repertoire]
Cold Mission - These Memories [AKO Beatz]
FX - The Devil's Work [Demonic Possession]
FX - Driller Killer [Demonic Possession]
FX - Too Dark [Demonic Possession]
FX - Amnesia [Demonic Possession]
Tim Reaper - Grapefruit III [Dublinquents]
Njoi :)
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