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DJ Pezzz. 2 vinyl tt's, 1 CDJ


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DJ Pezzz. 2 vinyl tt's, 1 CDJ [Tracklist inside]

I made sure i didnt include any dubs in this mix otherwise the link will get taken off again..(whoops!)

Anyway, heres a short mix i recorded last night...i was pretty blazed so apologise if it is dodgy in some places!

Any feedback welcome!!

Cheers & enjoy, Dj Pezzz.

Total Size : 44.74mb

Total Length: about 35 mins



Pendulum - Masochist
>>> Sub Focus - Druggy
Hazard - Mr Happy
>>> Roni Size - Scrambled Eggs
Sub Focus - Scarecrow
>>> Total Science - Nosher (Baron Rmx) TEASE
Chase & Status - Hurt You
Baron - Operation Pipe Dream
>>> G Dub - Tink ya Bad
Sub Focus - Verano
Moving Fusion - Now's the Time
Noisia - Facade VIP
Pendulum - Voodoo People
>>> Chase & Status - Duppy Man
Dj Hype - Rollin' It
Baron - Rat Pack
Sub Focus - Swamp Thing
Culture Shock - Vice Chase
Moving Fusion - Myusterons (Baron Rmx)
Xample - Low Down
>>> Shimon - Hush Hush
Sigma - El Presidente
Dillinja - Make It Work
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