Dj Paranoid Oldskool 93-95 Jungle DnB Mix 30 Tracks Listed


Jan 14, 2004
UK Derby
Dj Paranoid Archive&Oldskool 93-95 Jungle DnB Mix 30 Tracks Listed

Dj Paranoid-Massive Archive Of All Mixes Posted In DnB Forum So Far
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~~~~DJ Paranoid liquid sets ~~~~
Dj PaRaNoId LiQuId SeSsIoN VoLuMe 6

Dj PaRaNoId LiQuId SeSsIoN VoLuMe 5
lINK hERE New Just Added 6/3/09

Dj PaRaNoId LiQuId SeSsIoN VoLuMe 4
link here mp3

Dj PaRaNoId LiQuId SeSsIoNs VoLuMe3
free dj paranoid mix
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Dj PaRaNoId LiQuId SeSsIoNs VoLuMe2
free dj paranoid mix download
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Dj PaRaNoId LiQuId SeSsIoNs VoLuMe1
free paranoid in the mix
Dj Paranoid derby liquid dnb mix.mp3 - 135.01MB

Oldskool Ambient Mellow vibes mix pt1

Track list

Chameleon - Links- glr14
Expressions-dave wallace- moving shadow 71
Cruising Detroit-PFM -drumfunk
Streams thought-intense-Creative Source crse001
Sorrow-future sound-skanna 10
Step off Drop- white label ?
Horizon-LTJ Bukem-lgr0001
For all of us-pfm-glr016
Listen-white label ?
Atlantis{i need you}-LTJ Bukem glr003
The Western-PFM,,Mc Conrad Vocalist Album
One & Only-PFM-LGR003
19.5-Bukem & Peshay-GLR008
Music-LTJ Bukem-GLR004
Legend Promo-White ?
Headspace-G cook-EMF008
Sour Promo-White ?
The Sea-PFM-Promo 10inch

Mix Mp3 Link Here
Dj Paranoid Oldskool Ambient Jungle Mix Part 1.mp3 - 179.21MB

Oldskool 93-95 Jungle DnB Mix


1 Bassline Smith INTENT (Rouge Trooper)
2 Dj SS The Smokers Rhythm (formation)
3 Dj Mayhem/Ray Keith Inesse (Face Records)
4 Moby / Ray Keith Feeling So Reel (Mute)
5 Fire Fox Warning (Philly Blunt)
6 Dj Asend Tears (Second Movement)
7 Dj Nut Nut The Rumble (PH Division Green 10 inch)
8 Kenetic Raggamuffin Sound (Boogie Beat)
9 Potential Bad Boy Jungle Fever (Ibiza 10 inch)
10 Dj SS Rollidge (Formation)
11 M Beat Sweet Love (Renk)
12 Easy men Easymen (White label)
13 S O Keith Helicopter (Moving Shadow)
14 Skanna Night Stalker ep (Skanna)
15 Alliance Champion Sound (Legend)
16 Urban Shakedown Some Justice 95 (Urban)
17 Banton crt195 rx Champion Jungle (White Label)
18 Dj Rap IM So (Urban)
19 Perfect Combination Deep Devastating (Roller)
20 4 Horsemen Drowning in Her (Tone Def)
21 Swift Gang Related (Interlektive)
22 Dj Rap Spiritual Aura (Proper Talent)
23 Andy C Valley Shadows (Ram Remix RAMM004R)
24 Potential Bad Boy Every Man (Ibiza)
25 Prizna Fire ( Labello Blanco)
26 Dream Team Hitman ( I Q }
27 Dj SS Sound Future Lighter :lighter: (Formation Records)
28 Dc Wootang Dj SS Remixes (Dread)
29 Congo Natty Champion Dj (Congo Natty)
30 Andy C / Shimon Quest Night Flight (Ram Promo White Label)
31 Omni Trio Feel Good 95 ( Moving Shadow)

Mix Mp3 Link Here

Dj PaRaNoId EnD YeAr mIx 2008

Rain on Lens Hobzee & Zyon Base
Labyrinth Asc & Aaron Myers
Hydrogen All Sounds Electric
Tears Matrix & futurebound
Primavera Icr
Conquering Lion Dj Theory
Dislike Icr
Eric Prydz Pjanoo High Contrast Remix
Saburuko Warped (Survival Remix)
Love Story (Layo & Bushwaker Remix)
Break (Calibre Remix)
Fade 2 Grey (Noisia Remix)
Tear You Down Brookes Brothers
Music Better you White Label Bootleg side a
Come And See Lomax
Cali Cali Furney
Wishing on a Star White Label Bootleg side b

Link Here to Mix Download Mp3

~~~Old Skool Flyers~~~




Dj Paranoid 92-93 Oldskool Set

You got me burnin remix - Ray keith & nookie moving shadow 37
Punishment - jack phil basement promo copy
New direction 93 remix - Wax doctor&j smooth basement records027
Tubular breaks - Heartless promo
Dark & moody one - Fproject darkt 001
Dont just stand there - jack smooth basement 010
Damage - Dj mayhem basement 008
Divine rhythm - Dj rap reverb records
Stung - Out of order white/label promo
Break beat pressure 3 - Dj ss formation
I will allways love you - Out of order white label promo
Livin in darkness 93 remix - Top buzz basement promo
Let me see ya move - Visa mmr
New direction ep - Wax doctor basement 011
Cuckoo In The Jungle - Dj seduction impact records
Alright remix - ? black promo
just 4u london - Bodysnatch white label
Dub war - Dance conspiracy xl 34
Shine on - Origination rude boy
Can you feel it - Elevation mute 1992
Dont go - Awesome 3 city beat
Way in my brain - SL2 XL
Ruff neck bizznizz - Ellis dee&swannie rough tone
Darkman ep - Dj ss formation
The Lover - Turk white bootleg
take me away - Paradise 12globe 120
Shining In Da Darkness -Nookie reinforced

Link Here Mp3
Oldskool 93 mix.mp3 Dj Paranoid.mp3 - 188.83MB

Dj PaRaNoId oLdSkOoL mIx 1989-91

Frank De Wulf - The Tape The B-Sides
Spirit Of Adventure - Growing Knowledge
Leftfield - Not Forgotten
K-klass - Rhythm Is A Mystery
Rhythm Section - Emotion
Cosmo & Dibs - Star Eyes
Rave Generator-toxic two
Nightmares On Wax - Aftermath
Creative Thieves - Nasty Rhythm
Voodoo Ray-A Guy Called Gerald
Orbital - Chime
Beat Time-Sonic Solution
Energy Flash -JOEY BELTRAM
Moby The Ultimate Go mix

Link Here


Been DJing since 1992,it was the early street sound electros that got me into the scene First started playing at underground parties & Pirate Radio, then progressed to local Derby nightclubs and did a bit of studio work,
one of My biggest plays was supporting the prodigy back in 1994 at Derby University Richardson Hall.ive had a break from playing out live for a few years but this year 08 been good 2me,ive been back out there doing my stuff,
oldskool 1989-1996 & Liquid Ambient Chilled DnB is my normal dj set,i have followed the scene from the start watched it change and go all directions.


Dj Paranoid 2008 oldskool set @ vw festival The Bus StopOver

Dj Paranoid YouTube Channel

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:wave: Cheers Neil Paranoid
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Apr 5, 2006
On the download, be cool if you could stick up some 92-94 oldskool mixes up if you have them mate

Will let you know once i've had a listen



Jan 14, 2004
UK Derby
On the download, be cool if you could stick up some 92-94 oldskool mixes up if you have them mate

Will let you know once i've had a listen


if i get time this weekend i am going to do 92-94 mix,
so should be upon site maybe this weekend all goes well:rinsed:


Jan 14, 2004
UK Derby
Just Added

Ambient oldskool jungle Mix Part 1

Here is a set ive just mixed ,of oldskool ambient tunes from my collection,

A nice mix to chill out 2.

hope you like it ,,,im gona carry on and post some more of the same style

Part 2 will follow soon

Cheer Neil Paranoid
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