DJ Optiv - Tunnel Vision / Magnetic Flip

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    Tunnel Vision
    Optiv works a stand out filtered sea-saw effect amongst some crisp shakers & subtle cymbal fills that interlock cleanly with a bubbly jnr reese. The shakers & rhythmic hi-hats give the track an added bounce that keeps the head nodding & the gut feeling telling you something good is been concocted by the C4C man. A streched vocal sweeps into the track just teasing you nicely & allowing yourself to be drawn into the uplifting & perfectly placed drop which is so much fun to raise a set up another notch each time it's played.
    A massive air pocket bass powers out of the speakers creating an almost tidal wave effect within the way it moves along. Progressive technical shakes slither into the fore-front of the track & then snap back behind the dancefloor friendly reese which reminds me of an old 'Subhuman' track called '3 Sixty' which was actually Optiv in disguise.
    All the sounds used in this are precisly moulded to fit neatly with each other & when this little gem of a roller really gets the floor moving then your going to be smiling from ear to ear when they hear the second drop.
    Same formula as before but just lengthend to create a little more suspense & heat from the crowd & the catchy drum beat & telekinetic light will transport them into the hedonistic groove.

    Overall 7.5/10

    Magnetic Flip
    On a more 'Professor Burp’s Bubble Works' theme intro, the crazy psy xylophone & whacky FX shudder & skip along to a melody of there own before a complete change in the wind almost knocks the sense back into this track. A soaring bassline flys along & sweeps around the light kick drum pattern to pick off some of the more shy frequencies. A call & response program has been added to the light conga & wood rhythm's that tap against a rough edged scrap, which shaves the weird FX along the swirly pathed bass.
    Absoloute madness to understand but the FX used are well worth a listen, just so you get to vision the freak circus that conjours up in your head (trust it's there).

    Overall 7/10

    Released On: Blindside Recordings
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