Dj Oder - Rock The Place / Robot Talk

Titan Records

Jun 17, 2011
Ezz everyone,

We want to share with you the talent of Dj Oder and show you his latest release on Titan Records.

For audio of Rock The Place Skankandbass has kindly uploaded it to his you tube channel.

Watch/listen to it here:

for Robot Talk please check our sound cloud.

Theres also some audio of our other releases on there from the likes of Emperor etc/

we value your opinions very highly so all feedback is welcomed.

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And if anyone could tell us how to embed youtube videos in to our posts this would be very helpful lol :)
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Copy the youtube link.. click the insert video icon above your post, past and you're away! Safe
Whats up with that Dj Oder tune called 24 Hours that was on the A.M.C radio 1 mix last year? Is that getting released on Titan?
Thanks Dilla

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Yes this is forthcoming on Titan later on in the year.

Dj Oder smashing it.
Nice to hear that! We need more Portuguese producers out there

Just to clarify Rock The Place is out now and 24 hours is the forthcoming track :)

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Anyway DJ Oder and Rock The Place is number 1 on the D&B Arena download store.

Massive thanks to all that have supported and bought so far.
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