DJ Octane - Jump Up Mix

Discussion in 'Members Mixes' started by DJOctane, Mar 9, 2008.

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  1. DJOctane

    DJOctane Guest

    Just recorded a mix up earlier on and thought i'd share it with ya.

    Let me know if ya like it!



    Nightwalker - Promos
    Shimon - The Shadow Knows
    Jaydan - Crank
    SubFocus - Swamp Thing
    Jaydan - Felony
    Simon Bassline Smith - Ready for the Bassline
    Majistrate - Yeti-muncher (G-Dub RMX)
    Soulpride - Babylon
    Jaydan - Afterdark
    State of mind - back to the jungle
    Lynx - Disco Dodo
    Taxman - Too Bad
    Jaydan - Rinse the Selection
    Soulpride - Control
    Complex - Zero
    Jaydan - your move
    DJ Die - Number 1 vip
    fresh - play me
    pleasure - bounty hunter
    Brockie & Ed Solo - Lost Bass (kane rmx)
    Dj Die - Get closer
    Brockie & Ed Solo - Echobox vip
    pleasure - the grinder
    Phetsta - afrika
    TC - Gameover
    pleasure - mustang fastback
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  2. DJOctane

    DJOctane Guest

    Bumpy Bumpy...

    Anyone else? Had quite a few downloads so far...

    Opinions please?

    Safe, Octane
  3. Glare

    Glare New Member

    Aug 1, 2007
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    From the 10 mixes in the thred of:needed mixes for twistedfrequency podcast's
    Yours was very good.
    Good trak selektion. Swift mixing and nice 2drps.
    I heard the other mixes but yours is preaty much like my style.
    I hope you heard mine.
    Waves & zound mixed by Glare.

    let me know when you make another mix.

    The other mix that i realy enjoy was the Jay walker mix.
    I felt that was 99 -02 all over again in Puerto Rico
  4. DJOctane

    DJOctane Guest

    Nice one mate, thanks for the comment, its always appreciated to hear from people!

    I've got yours on the download now! Tracklisting looks wicked, i'm lookin forward to it!
  5. DJOctane

    DJOctane Guest

    Nice one Glare, I'm listening to your mix now and its heavy! My sort of selection! I'm ravin around my bedroom lol!

    To anyone who downloaded my mix, its well worth checking out Glare's mix too! Its in the Twisted Frequency Podcast thread!

    Safe, Octane
  6. mistasfx

    mistasfx MISTA SFX VIP Junglist

    Oct 29, 2007
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    Near the Lake District
    excellent mix. nice one!
  7. DJOctane

    DJOctane Guest

    Thanks mate, glad ya liked it! Big up!
  8. RocksteadyUK

    RocksteadyUK SkimoBeats VIP Junglist

    Sep 15, 2007
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  9. DJOctane

    DJOctane Guest

    Nice one mate, just added both of them!

    Thanks for the comment :beers: