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Hai guys,

As some of you may know RAM are running a massive comp at the minute so I thought i'd chuck in my little piece. As always its done on 3 turntables and I tried to fit as many of my favourites in half an hour that I could. SO many that I missed though.

Anyway, part of the comp is getting positive feedback etc so I thought i'd post it up for you lovely people to judge. If you want to drop a comment or a favourite on there I would love you 4EVA/
Mixcloud is the only link at the moment as well, when the comps done i'll put it up for download if anyone wants it.

Thanks x

Chase & Status - No Problem
>> Loadstar - Link To The Past
>> Andy C & Shimon - Nightflight
Hamilton - Brainstorm
Subfocus - Timewarp VIP
>> RAM Trilogy - Human Future
Delta Heavy - Space Time
Noisia - Deception
>> Moving Fusion - Turbulence
RAM Trilogy - Gridlock (Break Remix)
Subfocus - Stomp
>> Basher - Tranzmission
Noisia - Facade VIP
Shimon - The Shadows Knows
>> RAM Trilogy - Milky Way
Moving Fusion & Fierce - Now's The Time
>> Andy C & Shimon - Quest VIP
Culture Shock - Machine
Wilkinson - Overdose
DJ Fresh - Gatekeeper
>> Origin Unknown - Valley Of The Shadows
Concept 2 - Cause 'n' Effect

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I wish I could mix like you :love:
And I wish I had your hair :(
Thanks though! :D

i liked the bit where you played more than one song at the same time.
:D I liked the bit where you listened to the mix.

good luck man, you deserve to win this 1 mix is fuckin wicked
Cheers bro! Thanks for the favourite and share as well man, much appreciated! :)

whats the rules of this ram mix competition? Is it just a full mix of ram tracks?
Yeah man, 30 minute mix only using RAM tracks!