DJ Nuera - RAM 200 Mix


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Jul 2, 2008
Such a massive achievement mate. It was brilliant!
I did take me a few sessions to listen to it all though!

Thanks mate! haha I don't blame you :D

Glanced at intro and really liked it, will give it a full listen at some point.

Big up Scooty, hope all is well! :2thumbs:

This is insane.


fucking hell matty

Taking this as a compliment haha.

Disgusting Matty! Nice one.

I sent this round to a few mates as well and they loved it.

Ahhh big up James! Thanks man, hope you're good. Been ages!


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Nov 8, 2014
in the garage
Finally finished this monster after about a week of trying to get through it on and off. Really enjoyed it from beginning to end even if I didn't like every one of the tracks. The intro was pure fire like others have said. I think my favorite part was Warrior > Third Rate Banger Merchant The Truth >> Mind Killer. Well done
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