DJ Nebula says hello!

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    Oct 14, 2006
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    hi there!
    i´m dj nebula from vienna, playing stuff like dnb (most styles), breakz (nu-skool + funky), and Acid...

    i´m part of the GROOVE BAGASCH SOUNDSYSTEM <---
    a few members are: the DJs Manolo, Miss Katinka (prob one of the best djanes in vienna...yiiihaaa), Yrah, Be.more and myself... vocals by MC AKCC and MC Bomba
    we have a 25 KW soundsystem (always growing...hehe), a few lights, visuals (by VJ Visualite), and a bunch of friends who support us in every possible way...
    responsible for livesets and producing (in our studio) is mostly DJ will follow...
    ...just wanted to say hi, cool forum, i already posted a mix from me and there´ll be more if requested! ;)

    and a breakz- mix...

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