DJ Monita - Luv Ta Luv Ya (Fracture VIP)


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Return of the 10" series. Pre order now . . .

Fracture returns to the label for the first solo release since The Limit VIP to kick off another LTD 10” series. APHALTD001 sees Fracture giving the VIP treatment to one of his favourite hardcore records from 1992; The Skeleton Krew’s ‘Luv Ta Luv Ya’.

Originally released on Skeleton Recordings, it was a big favourite of DJ Randall and LTJ Bukem but as a young Charlie Fracture was only 13 at the time it was pirate radio where he first heard it:

“I had a tape from my favourite station, Weekend Rush. It was a Vinyl Groove set with MC Shabba over it and a lot of the records on there totally blew my mind. I’ve since found out what pretty much all of the records are but there was this one, Luv Ta Luv Ya, that I only recently managed to get an ID on and lost my mind again. I hadn’t heard it outside of that tape, which I sadly lost.”

Soon after finding out the details of the record, Fracture took to twitter to pass on his love for the track and praise to DJ Monita. It turned out the praise was mutual and that he was very much still active. Very soon after that a remix was arranged . . . sometimes the internet does actually work, or was it something in the stars?

2 colour screen print sleeve desgined by UTILE CREATIVE and hand pulled at the Rarekind Print House.


VIP Junglist
Yes yes, been sticking an ear out for this since hearing it in a rinse podcast from him.

Fucking vyiiibbbbezezez - That second breakdown is going to hurt the floor.