DJ Mish Mash - 3 Deck Mix + Video (Entry for the dnbforum comp if its still open)

I got a bit lucky with that one! I wasn't sure what to play and I only just got the cue point, same with ultraclean, either you or dan had put it back in the wrong order in the way of the warrior sleeve! I got pretty lucky there too... finding the one phrase cue point is pretty hard and somehow I put the needle just before it! Was more luck than anything on that one!

Anyway, I spoke to mr danwell after work 2day, he's up for a mix 2moz, let me know if you're up for it, we should film it!

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Nice one! The filters are so much more fun than eq once you get used to them, I got a bit lucky in a way in that my first time on an allen and heath was when I played the first 2 hours at a club night when pretty much no-one was there so I was able to just mess around on the filters the whole time. I knew I wanted them straight away after that!

Yeah I remember one sleeve was inside of the other. I couldn't get it in. Sorry dude
Looks like war. Jelly of the 92 mixer.

Enjoyed your mix, good work :)

Thanking yous! Ye the 92 is sexual! I got it off ebay for just under £700, its pretty old and looks like it has been battered but it still works fine so its all good!

Any more for any moar?!

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Yeah I remember one sleeve was inside of the other. I couldn't get it in. Sorry dude

Teach me how to use logic properly and I'll forgive you
what filter effect is being used for that? I just got an xone 62 and have no idea how to use them yet haha..

never mind think i get it now after watching im gonna go play around! still need a little treble off the top is needed though as someone else said..

big up mish mash brotheeeeer!
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massive mix man, that tease with titan always gets me though, not in a good way though haha, very quick on the mixing man
great to see its all on vinyl too, buzzed my tits when i heard 'Ultraclean'
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