Dj Mark Track "Classics in the Mix" !!!!

Dj Mark Track
Well quite a few classics anyway.....

A 2 Hour mix from my NakedBeatz show, Check it out....

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Maldini + Vegas "Eye's Of Truth" (Bad Taste)
Ed Rush + Optical "Mercury Switch" (Virus)
Matrix "The Shining" (Ed Rush + Optical Remix)(Metro??)
Matrix "Climate" (Metro)
Optical "To Shape The Future" (Remix) (MetalHeadz)
Doc Scott "Unofficial Ghost" (MetalHeadz)
Dj Die "Clear Skyz" (Break Remix)(Clear Skyz)
Cabbie "Not Afraid" (Chronic)
Lomax "Artisan" (VIP) (Ram Records)
Logistics "Jungle Music" (Hospital)
Influx UK "It's Love" (Formation)
Matrix + Futurebound "American Beauty" (Metro/Viper)
Ram Trilogy "Asylum" (Audio Porn)
Pendulum "Vault" (31 Records)
J.Majik "Lizard" (Infrared)
)EIB( "Four Days" (BC Recordings)
Shimon "Hush Hush" (Ram Records)
Concord Dawn "Fly Away Home" (Ram Records)
Spectrasoul "Organiser" (Remix)(Critical)
Danny Breaks "Droppin' Science Vol 1" (Logistics Remix)
Ed Rush + Optical "Snaggletooth" (Virus)
Ed Rudh + Optical "Perfect Drug" (Virus)
Lomax "Avon Calling" (Ram Records)
Digital + Spirit "Phantom Force" (T-Power + Codine Remix)
Zero T + Moses "Monach" (Soul:R)
Ed Rush + Optical "Titanium" (Virus)
Ed Rush + Optical "Reach Out" (Virus)
Rufige Kru "Is This Real" (Commix Remix) (Exit)
Matrix + Futurebound "Family (Remix) (Hospital)
Deadmau5 "Remember Me" (J.Majik + Wickaman Remix) (Data)

I recorded this using Audacity and it jumps in places !!

Please let me know what you think.