DJ Machete & MC Dino - DOA/Serano Mix 002 [2009/03]


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Apr 22, 2007

In the second installment of the DOA/Serato Mix Series, we sit down with Los Angeles, California's DJ Machete to get his thoughts on Serato's Scratch Live program. We also get a serious mix from him, featuring a host of fresh beats and the lyrical stylings of MC Dino to boot!


01) Loxy & Resound "Broken Sword" (Cylon)
02) Icicle "Lost Hours VIP" (Critical)
03) S.P.Y. "Keep Ya Head Up" (CIA)
04) Noisia "Crank" (Vision)
05) Damage Inc "Overload" (Advanced)
06) Crystal Clear & Cabbie "Cold Blooded" (Ganja)
07) Nu:Tone, Commix & Logistics "Coffee" (Hospital)
08) Drumsound & Bassline Smith "Can U Feel It" (Technique)
09) Zodiac "Dymentions In Sound" (Dynamic Audio)
10) Majistrate "Amusement" (Low Down Deep)
11) Nicky Blackmarket, Phantasy & Skibadee "Crank (Urban Assault Remix)" (Easy)
12) A-Sides "Heavyweight" (Eastside)
13) Total Science "Stone Love" (CIA)
14) Serum "Must Feel (Remix)" (Mac II)
15) TC "Tron" (D-Style)
16) Hive & Tech Itch "Detox" (Violence)
17) Clipz ft. Shiv "Loud & Dirty" (Audio Zoo)
18) D Minds "Ghost Town” (D-Style)
19) Xample "Lowdown" (Ram)
20) Ed Rush, Fierce & Optical "Alien Girl" (Prototype) [tease]
21) Modified Motion & Faction "Lifeline" (Dynamic Audio)
22) Tantrum Desire "Ready To Go" (Worldwide Audio)
23) Original Sin "D For Danger" (Playaz) [tease]
24) DJ Hazard "Machete" (Ganja)
25) Roughcut "Maniac Cop" (D-Style)
26) Noisia "Stigma" (Vision)

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