DJ M-RODE 5 new tunes ! (french turntablist and producer)


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EZ all !!!! i try to learn english by my own and i don't really know if i'm in the right section to post a topic about my tunes, may be in the production section ?
please mods can you tell me if i did a mistake ?

anyway, just a quick reminder about me,
i'm a french turntablist and producer,
i won some dmc championships prices and actually work with dj panik as a duo called panik & m-rode.
We won the breakbeat kaos contest by remixing future prophecies "the roof is on fire tune" and then did a few releases together.

I did a 5 tunes update Recently on myspace included my 2 first solo tunes :

1/ one liquid funk tune called "DANCE TONIGHT" this is my first drum & bass solo tune so please Be indulgent with me ;)
i tried to do something original.

2/ a scratch tune called "LET ME SPIN DA TURNTABLES"
i did all synths and vocals and scratched its. The result is original too :)

3/ three dubwize tunes with panik :

- an official TOPCAT remix called "A FRIEND IN NEED" it's full of catchy melodies , horns , fxs , and soundclash cuts.
forthcoming on : Streetlife Records , And it's been available on promo on Nu urban.

- another JOHNNY OSBOURNE's remix called "TRUTH AND RIGHTS"
The core of this one is a really classic reggae tune , and a full tune has been redone around it.
if you like your reggae you should like this one ! no more infos about the release date.

- another remix called "SHINE EYE GIRL"
forthcoming on NUMFR004 promos available on NU urban too.

Thanks to all that took time to read this message !!!

Please, take time to leave a comment on myspace if you have few minutes ;)

clik on the banner to acces : :

your support is alwayz appreciated !!!!!!

big ups to all and sorry for my english lol

vince ( m-rode )
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