DJ Laize - NYE Set 08-09 - Taxman, Hazard, Metrik, Break, Die....


DJ Laize
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Oct 25, 2006
Here is the set I did at a party on New Years Eve, I have added few new tracks & some extras on the end. Ive been meaning to record this for ages and finally got it done last night.

Bitrate: 192kbps (CBR)
Playtime: 76mins
Filesize: 104.39MB


Charlie Jones & Original Sin – Love Games
Mampi Swift – One Finger
Crystal Clear & Cabbie – Streethawk
Pascal – Listen
Ebony Dubsters – Ra (Original Sin Remix)
Metrik – Zero Gravity
Hazard – Killaz Don’t Die
Taxman – Evasion (Remix)
Hazard – Trouble Maker
Pendulum – Another Planet
A.I – Days of Rage
Alix Perez – Refusal (Calibre Remix)
A.I – Desperado
DJ Pleasure – Midnight Express
Hazard – Busted
Taxman – Original Ninja
Calibre – Sokitume
Crystal Clear & Cabbie – Cold Blooded
G Dub – Midnight
DJ Target – Heavy Duty
Original Sin – Don’t Be Silly
Break – Is This What You Want
Xample – Breathe & Stop
>> TC – Gameover
Die – Flashpoint
Taxman – Sleeze
Die & Interface – Getting There
Dan Marshall & Mixmaster Doc – Exodus
Break – All Around
Social Security – Cyclops
Gridlok – Labrat
Munk – Cirles of Hell
BMK, Coda & Krooked - Hush

All feedback, suggestions, comments welcome.

Link :

If the link goes down just drop me a PM

DJ Laize :D
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