Dj Killahurtx - xmas blendin


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Sep 11, 2008
reppin gloucester and crawley!!
Brand new mix from the one they call Killahurtz!!

DJ Pleasure – Flesh Eaters
G Dub – Tink ya bad
Heist – Sleep in ya eyes
Drum Addict – Pump
DJ Pleasure – The dagger
Heist and Taxman – Frequency Scale
Clipz – Cocoa
Vital Elements – Becoming
P.A – Merky Water
Drum Addict – Walk
Hazard and Distorted Minds – Ghost Town
Hoax – Krunkstep
Mampi Swift – One Finga
High Roller – Dirty Skankin
P.A – Para people
Iron Hands – Mothra
High Roller – Untouched
Serum – Selecta
Majistrate and Nicol – Ready when you are
High Roller – Da Muny man
Mampi Swift – Angels
DJ SS – Lighter
Potential Badboy – Warn ya
Moving Fusion – Turbulence
DJ Friction and Nu Balance – Robocop
Crystal Clear vs Cabbie – Cold Blooded
Ego Trippin and DJ Sly - Infared

rude mix...

you can also check dj killahurtz sundays 8-10pm on ...bless
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