Dj Katz New Member 1st mix!


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Ez all. Got signed up the other day so thought id drop a mix ive just done just to see what people are feeling really.


Deception - Noisia
>>> If we ever - High contrast
Standing room only - Break n D Bridge
Silver Spaceman - Spor
Jungle FX - Lomax
Heavyweight - Fresh
Gunshots - Serum
Together - Logistics
>>> Warhead - TC Remix
Beartrap - Lenzman
True Romance - D Bridge n Vegas
Chubrub - Ed rush n Optical
Near Miss - System
Facade VIP - Noisia
Toy Town - Logistics
Gold Rush - Danny Byrd n Brookes Brothers
Racing Green - High Contrast
Caught Up - Nu:Tone Remiz
Be True - Commix
Fired Up - Friction n K Tee​

Not alot of thought gone into it, just put 50 mins worth of tunes together

Some parts are a bit sketchy as havent been on the decks for a few months, and am i bit rusty, but not too bad