DJ Jaybird - Time to Get Chill Volume 1


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DJ Jaybird - Time to Get Chill Volume 1

Born in Philidelphia, Dj Jaybird has been smashin' the decks since the days of fischer price turntables. Jaybirds love of the underground sound led him into electronic music production in his early days which has lasted him for over ten years as he's been makin' bass bombs then droppin' them at raves. Having played at hundreds of events all over the United States, and thrown his own award winning parties, Jaybird is a seasoned Dj and Producer that is guaranteed to rock the house at any show with his versatile, exclusive selection, creative energy, and turntable know-how. You can not go wrong with this one pon the buttons.

Now residing in Los Angeles, Jaybird continues to focus on his DJing and audio engineering career, producing tune after tune of killer beats and bass ranging in style from dub to dnb, 140 to 4/4. Check out some of his recent tunes and mixes on .
1. Simien & Obeah - Waiting VIP
2. Kion & Murda - Number One Sound (Tes La Rok Remix)
3. The Widdler - Self Control
4. Turboweekend - Something or Nothing (2000F & J Kamata VIP)
5. Chase & Status - Eastern Jam (6Blocc Re-Edit)
6. Mk2 - Break Them
7. Nameloc - Down with You
8. Kid Cudi - Day and Night (Widdler's Dubstep Remix)
9. Nameloc - Below the Surface
10. Jaybird - Desert Trance
11. Djunya - Elevate
12. Jaybird & Yong - Burnin'
13. Kion & Murda - Fadeaway
14. Eagger Stunn Gunn - Morder Dem (JSL VIP)
15. Moza - Shifter (Widdler Remix)
16. 6Blocc vs. First City - Envy
17. Mr. Curtamos - Pulp Who (Caustik Remix)
18. SkapeZilla - Chainsaw
19. Intager - White Sands
20. Jaybird - Work Dat Box
21. 2000F feat. Riko - Copenhagen Big Murderah
22. The Widdler - Jersey Devil (HD4000 Remix)
23. Restiform Bodies - Consumer Culture Wave (Rx Remix)
24. Mk2 feat. Werd2Jah - Afternoon Dubs - Time to Get Chill Vol.