DJ Invisible- Invisible Sessions V2

Hello all,

I'm a Sounthampton/SE London-based dj, and for some time now drum & bass has not only taken over but become the very reason for my life. I am into everything from deep minimal autonomic-esque dnb to the heaviest tech and most outrageous jump-up via the purest liquid vibes, though particularly I love anything with a dark and moody edge to it and anything that just screams "rolllllerrrr!"

Check out my latest mix, hosted on soundcloud:

Anile- Intice (Broken Audio)
Triad- Assasin (Deep Soul Music)
Abstract Elements- Erpeh (Respect Russia)
Instra:mental, dBridge & Skream- Acacia Avenue (Autonomic)
Instra:mental- No Future (NonPlus+)
Subwave- First Time (Metalheadz)
Noisia & Phace- Floating Zero (Invisible Noise)
Judda & Ulterior Motive- Infrasonic (Subtitles Music)
Jubei & dBridge- Patience (Metalheadz)
The Funktion- Hold That Thought (Run DNB)
Phobia- Clean Break (Ingredients Records)
Jubei & S.P.Y.- Project 1 (Metalheadz)
S.P.Y. & Total Science- Gangsta (Shogun Audio)
Engage- Beefeater (Fall Out UK)
Black Sun Empire- Future Frame (Black Sun Empire Holland)
Spor- Kingdom (Lifted Music)
Apex- Gonzo (Lifted Music)
Phace & Misanthrop- Mammoth (Neosignal Recordings)
Break- Bass Face (Run DNB)
Noisia feat. Giovanca- My World (Vision)
Rockwell feat. Zero Tolerance- Bone Structure (Critical Recordings)
Engage- Above The Clouds (Invisible Noise)
Code 3- Response Call (Exit Records)
Break- Crunchy (Critical Recordings)
DLR - Elsewhere (Dispatch Recordings)
Icicle & Noisia- Driftwood (Shogun Audio)
Lenzman feat. Jo-S- Fade Away (Soul:R Recordings)

I hope you enjoy listening to this mix as much as I enjoyed making it. I am interested to hear any feedback anyone has to offer- positive or negative! Also if you enjoyed this mix be sure to check out my earlier Invisible Sessions V1 mix and subscribe to my soundcloud page so you can keep up to date with my latest mixes as and when they're posted,

Cheers all, take it easy :fag:
Rob x