DJ Instance - BASSMISBRUKER.NO #2 [73min.dnb.freeDL.100% vinyl]


Dec 26, 2007
ARTIST: Chris Instance
RELEASE DATE: 05.01.2012
GENRE: Drum&Bass

This is the second episode in the podcast series from norwegian bass-music community Our host for the evening is Chris Instance, who has been a driving force on the Oslo drum&bass scene for over fifteen years. A decade of rinsing out in the nations capital has given him the skills and ammunition needed to serve us this dark and rolling drum&bass-set that’s 100% live and 100% vinyl.

Mortem - The Touch (Sabre remix) (IM:Ltd)
Mortem - Get closer (Modlations)
Sabre, Stray & Halogenix - Askari (Invisible)
Lynx, Noisia & Seed - Who's this (Detail)
Little Dragon - Little man (TeeBee remix) (Peacefrog)
Octane & DLR - Back in the grid (Cern & Dabs remix) (Dispatch)
Rido - Core (metalheadz)
Dub Phizix, Skeptical & Strategy - Marka (Exit)
Zero T & FD - After all (Invisible)
Xtrah - Contortion (Subtitles)
Enei & DRS - Obsession (Critical)
Amit & Rani - 9 Times (Commercial Suicide)
Optiv, BTK & Fokus - Scientist (Renegade Hardware)
Gridlok - Insecticide (Project 51)
Cern, Dose & Teknik - Huntsville (Commercial Suicide)
Phace & Rockwell - No! (Neosignal)
Falinox - Drift out (Lifted)
Prolix - Skull snapz (Trendkill)
Allied & Malsum - Pangaea (KSS Black)
Neonlight - Frozen tape (Trust in music)
Blokhe4d & Gridlok - Bad Kat (Bad taste)
Metrik - T-2000 (Viper)
Loxy & Resound - Inversion (exit)
It's hardly likely, but if you happen to be in Oslo on Friday the thirteenth of January you can catch DJ Instance at The Villa as support for the legendary TEEBEE!
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