Dj Hype - Seduction vol2 1994


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Oct 12, 2007
Another tape from my collection, don't think its already on here, i have searched for it and couldn't see it.

"DJ HYPE Vol2 - The UK's most original DJ returns in fine style mixing and scratching up the tough beats as only Hype knows how - Seduction LIVE Mixtape 1994"

Cover (if i have managed to link it correctly)-

No T/L sorry, im useless at tracklisting.

This is only the second Seduction Mixtape i've seen. I have Kenny Ken Vol.3 uploaded in my thread if your interested (Spoox Thread)
Thanks for this bud.
I've got a Mickey Finn one from '94 also, and, I 'think' maybe a topbuzz one too, I'll rip and up them later or tomorrow too, glad its something people want. Big up!
Thanks mate for this.

Some fucking LARGE sets have gone up in the past 2 days or so...big up to you all for the U/Ls.
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