Dj Hype on Kiss100FM 04.06.2009


Jan 10, 2008
North Germany

Tracklist :
Hour 1
Crystal Clear & Cabbie - Its A Lot - Dub
Dillinja - Back To Detroi - Dub
Logistics - Murderation - Dub
Jaydan - The Shadows - Dub
Tamtrum Desire - Dark Water - Dub
Example - Ready For This - Dub
Subzero - Hype (Vip) - Dub
Netsky - Tomorrow Is Another Day - Dub
D Bridge - Inner Disbelief - Dub
Spy - Moving In Circles - Dub
Fbd Project - The Core (Vapour Remix) - Dub
Alex Perez - Donw The Line (Break Remix) - Dub

Hour 2
Alex Perez Live at Playaz, Fabric
No Tracklistings Sorry!

Grooverider - Inta Warriors - Dub
Dj Hype - Mash Up The Place - Dub
Andy C & Shimon - Live Line - Dub
Mist I Cal - Mistical Dub - Dub
J Majik - Love Is Not A Game - Dub

::160kbit CBR MP3::
::recorded with Audacity::
::stream over muvid ir715::
:recorded by mcblair /have fun:


yes im back..
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Anyone got a tracklist for the Perez set clip? I know the "Belleview" D-Bridge Remix is second, then "Mercia" by Lomax. I also heard "Isis" in there, but that's about as much help as I can be.

EDIT: Oh and "Two Drop," how could I forget?
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