Dj Hurtzee and Impact mc - March 2009 - jump up bizzle


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Sep 11, 2008
reppin gloucester and crawley!!
Dj Hurtzee (hustle n hurtz)

Impact mc (Nominated for best newcomer mc @ dnbawards 2009)

this set is stupidly large people!!Jump heads this is you, trust me, the best set ive heard this year!!

Dirty Deeds Feat Destro - Time Machine
>>> Distorted minds – Ghost town
Drum Addict – Benny Hill
Micky Finn – Badass
Butcher and Hoax – Silent Strike
DJ Kre – The Hustle
Heist – Sleep in ya eyes
Jaydan – King of Miami
Drum Addict – Walk
Nutek – Hooligans
Bassline Terrorist – Death Rattle
Zen – Ravin rude boy remix
Prestige – Echo patrol
DJ Sly – Pinface
Serum – Urban Gorilla
Chowder – Body bags
Surge – Countdown
Majistrate and Nicol – Suicide bomber
Levela – Octopus Crime
The Force and Bassface Sascha – The story
Nutek – The Real World
Distorted Minds – The tenth planet
Mampi Swift – One finger
Kulprit – The drums the bass
Sensa – 44 mag
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