Dj Heitor - dnb - Brazil.


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about me :::

Heitor Alves (Dj Heitor), brazilian, born in 1982, began his journey as Dj in 1997 playing Dance Music / Ghetto Tech.
Started to play Drum And Bass in 1999, since that moment following several styles of dnb in his dj sets and also getting much attention in his town for your impressive skills mixing dnb in the parties where he played as when he won the second place in a Dj's championship in his city, already in 2001.
Dj Heitor been have producing since 2005, and has as main influences styles like Hard Step, Dark, Ragga, Tech, Neurofunk and some Techno, Trance and Hip Hop stuffs.
2011 comes very well to the artist with his 1st tune released "The Right Thing" done in collaboration with the also brazilian producer Artomik at "Coming To Earth LP" by Dangerous New Age Recordings (UK).Also wait for Heitor forthcoming releases on the labels Solid Vinyl, UKDNB and Extent Recordings, all them from London (UK).

Big up and hope see good things coming from all into this forum , safe !!!