Dj Hazard-Phat tunE

It's called Wicked Sound, not Sicked So or Worth a Try or anything else...

Listen to the Hype show where he plays it and he tells you ;)

As it happens though I'm a bit bored of it already..

Its called Wicked the new hype mix cd and thats wt its called on the track listing.....get with the programme bruda,

meat bubbles is fucking filthy. gwarn hazard



R.E. - This tune has been on dub for like a year for anyone who thinks its something brand new he's just cooked up

Production of the sound in this tune is fucking sick, much lookin forward to the release

Gota say I actually prefer this to the slightly more experimental sounds of Wicked So and Tactics, although both of those are still good, Tactics has a wicked bounce to it

Personally I'm still waiting for Hazard to go all out again and hit us with another Cowards Beware esque monster, it's what he does best :)
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