DJ Hazard - Kidnap / Slipstream (inflicted)


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Jan 30, 2002
This is true hardcore techno dnb!
Kinda like being run over by a 500 foot long juggernaut squashing your skull over a period of 7 minutes.
808 bass kicks provide a 4/4 monotone bouncing bass pattern while breaks stab outwards from this adding the pace.
This tune is only for the headstrong!
The flipside goes for 4/4 rhythms and a very warm sound. Sadly it doesn't have the intensity of "kidnap" but is a pretty interesting tune beatswise.
A minor beef with these tunes is that there's not enough midrange in the production so it's not the cleanest of tunes but still, if you like it hard then kidnap is a dope tune!


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Mar 21, 2002
Bored at Work
Have to disagree with you there mate, Slipstream is the tune that gets me excited on here! Heavy, heavy, heavy!
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