DJ Hazard - Godzilla - Yo yo (grid)


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Jan 30, 2002
Another winner from the brummie beatmeister here with 2 nice tunes.
The A-side "godzilla" is a nice roller with funky worm breaks, deep sappo style subs and some nice synth lines, not to mention the little sci fi bleeps and roars from classic godzilla movies.
The beats and bass are pretty funky, and the synth lines change quite a bit throughout the tune to keep it rolling nicely.

The flip is the more exciting tune, and has a really groovy bongo line, with another of Hazard's almost 4/4 breaks that are becoming something of a trademark, kinda keeping it regular, but also using a breakbeat in a very nice way. Little 808 sub hits provide a sparse sub layer and a nice droning synth blares away much like in "kidnap"

overall 2 nice fresh tunes
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