DJ Hannibal returns and is back on stomping form

DJ Hannibal

Feb 27, 2008
Im back again with more Andy C / Friction style top notch and tight mixing. Im desperate to get into more clubs so will do bookings for free!!!

Link to December mix

Track list:
Brookes Brothers - Star Guitar
Metrik - Technicolour
Culture Shock - The Bypass
Mampi Swift - Puppet Walk
Friction - Bogeyman VIP
Danni Byrd - Shock Out
Fresh - All That Jazz
The Up Beats - Pac Man remix
Clipz - Loud and Dirty
TC & Sub Focus - Borrowed Time
Phesta & Shock One - The Sun
Brookes Brothers & Future bound - Dawn Treader
Brookes Brothers - Tears you Down
Logistics - Cosmonaught
Zinc - Take me With you
Hive & Gridlock - Standing Room Only
Ed Rush & Optical - Pac Man
TK - My Trade
Fresh - Tomb Raider
Hazard - Skankers
DJ Die - Slow Burn
Chase and Status - Street Life
Influx UK - Its Love
Logistics - Together
Chase and Status - Take me Away
Shock One - Way you Move
Shimon VS Sparfunk - In the Shine
Ed Rush & Optical - Alien Girl
Calyx & Teebee - Are you Ready
Chase and Status - Smash TV
Cause 4 Concern - Farside
Drumsound & Bassline Smith - Rock Your Body
Taxman - The Circle
Shimon - The Smoker
TC - Push it Up remix
Original Sin - Ra remix
Original Sin - D for Danger
Shimon - The Shadow Knows
Commix - Sattelite Type 2
Original Sin - Decibel
Baron - Nosher remix
L Plus VS Rage Against the Machine - Killing in the Name Of
Bad Company - Planet Dust
Bad Company - The Pulse


He Kills The Bad Guys
Jan 12, 2008
A, A
just had a listen, nice tight set good tune selection
apart from killing in the name of (that tune is dogshit).

cant understand all these people ready to talk about
what ur saying but unwilling to comment on ur set!
i cant work it out!

and as for biggin urself up theres nothing wrong with
getting excited about a mix u have done, just shows
how much you love it.

i say 9/10 good mix geeza :)


Your Mom Rates Me
VIP Junglist
Mar 4, 2008
Im 36 mins in so far, your beatmatching cud do with some work i wreckon, noticed a fair few straying beats on drops nothing major tho

on the EQing tip ....your leaving 2 much bass on both tracks when your in the mix... that mix with shockout vip and all that jazz was just distorted 2 fuck:rinsed:

il feedback more l8er on in the mix


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Apr 28, 2007
lol picking all the faults, i like
you brought it on yourself hannibal
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