Dj Guv - Warning. Discuss.

^ I saw that video a week or two ago, I thought that tune sounded familiar, and not even in the sense that A LOT of jump up tunes today sound the same - which they definitely do - I literally thought I've heard this tune before but couldn't quite place it.

Now you've revived the thread. I guess you really were on to something.

But holy shit, what a crowd reaction, that is quite unheard of. My question is, WHY this tune? Why not any other jamp ap bangar m88? How did this tune blow up?

Tied to a recognisable name (Guv) and only contains about 5 notes so anyone with even the most basic grasp of music can shout along. See BDR as another example. Except BDR is actually good even though I hate it now. Some tunes just have an impact and some don't, just the way it goes. Thankfully i've never had to witness 2 thousand half naked chavs shouting along to this.
When the fuck did people start to shout along..Mr Happy?

Fucks sake.

Man I was on a boat party the other day, someone was playing rollers inside and outside they were singing Mr Happy accapellla.

I wanted to sink it there and then.
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