DJ Ghaleon - A Special Dedication Vol 3 : Oldschool Ragga on 3 Decks


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"This mix is my first serious effort on 3 decks, and great care was put into every step of the recording process to make it special.
The idea was to take full advantage of the extra turntable, and do some extra technical stuff that wouldn’t have been possible otherwise. The result is a complex mix - many layers, controlled chaos. As usual, its strictly underground vibes. Full of double drops, turntablism, and tunes that are a bit off the beaten path. All original plates, all vinyl."
DJ Dub Rush - Sinister Dub
Macka Brown - Going is Ruff
DJ Bass – Pushing Me
JC & GT - Good Body
De Good, De Bad & De Ugly – Everything (Remix)
Ghostrider + Special K – Killin
Tuff-To-The-Bone – Bad Boy Talk
Skool Of Hard Knocks – Dressback
Dread & The Bald Head – Ganja Plant
Buju Banton - Vigilante (Accapella)
Fugees - Killing Me Softly (Sound Barrier Remix)
Chatta B - In To Sound (Mix 1)
Barrington Levy & Beenie Man – Two Sounds Jungle
XTC & DJ Keen Nottingham – Reload And Come Again
Undercover Agent - Do What U Want (Hardstep Babylon Mix)
Alk-E-D – Shine On Me
Action Man – Sleeping Lion (Remix)
Northern Connexion – Think (Tease)
Northern Connexion – Re-Think (Tease)
Bass Master Warriors - Living In The Hood
Strictly Dub – Finer Fings
Don Campbell – I Can See It In Your Eyes
DJ Dextrous - With a "K"
Tom And Jerry - AA2 (Slaughter)
XTC - U R Near Me
Kid J – Sound Boy (Tease)
Bizzy Bee - Rebel With A Cause
Prizna - Follow Me
Mark Caro – Sling Wide
DJ Dub Rush - Now U Know
Jay-J - Slip & Slide
Se9 Crew - Murder (Tease)
Jungle Book - I Wan'na Be Like You
Phyzix & Tricks – Crazy Tings
Shy-FX - Cry

Big up DJ Ghaleon for this :respekt: