DJ Fussy -- The Way I Roll

With Drum N Bass this is the way i roll, half jump up, half tech. oh yeah!!!
1. Bluescreens – Bad Reaasoning
> Camo & Krooked – Hot Pursuit
2. Greg Packer – Bagpuss
3. Bluescreens – Undercover
4. Major Look – Never Hold Us Back
5. DC Breaks – Creeper
6. Tantrum Desire – Get With It
7. Emalkay Ft Rod Azlan – Flesh & Bone (Delta Heavy Remix)
8. 2DB – Amiga Man
9. Tantrum Desire – Reach VIP
10. Delta Heavy – End Of Days
11. Friction vs Camo & Krooked – Stand Up
12. Crystal Clear & Zen – Dancehall Thriller
13. Heist – Verdict VIP
14. Majistrate – No Way Out
15. Heist – Unicron (Serjah 9 Remix)
16. Nu Elementz & Decimal Bass – Faces Of War
17. Eazy – Zombie Slayer
18. Jaydan – Driller Killer VIP
19. Inside Info – Awkward
20. Camo & Krooked – Menace (Mefjus Remix)
21. Noisia – Dustup
22. Break & Die – Slow Down VIP
23. Audio – Abyss
24. Zardonic – Dying Earth
25. Noisia & Phace – Floating Zero (Icicle Remix)
26. Audio – Vigilante
27. Audio – Collision
28. Audio – Premonition
29. Spor – Some Other Funk



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Interesting tracklist man, i like the idea of having abit of both Jump-up and darktech
Must admit didnt really like the first section of the mix, but thats just personal preference, got really good after 'Dancehall Thriller'
mixing was tight, mixes were big, top seletion of tunes, wasnt all double-drops
'Dustup' >> 'Slowdown' made me buzz afair bit, after that was rolling, not fond of mixing tunes by the same artists, but again personal preference
ended well, will look out for ya in the future
Hey mate, cheers for the comments. I know what you mean about the start, most of the time i listen to it i skip to Stand Up - Dancehall Thriller bit and keep it going from there. I just reckon its the tunes, but that dustup and slow down bit definately tops it for me, dopest build up. Knocked the tempo out a bit and didnt realise until just before it dropped, spewin.
Keep an eye out, try to put out mixes every couple months or so. Cheers.