DJ Friction Live Recordings!


Aug 15, 2013
Sorry if this is in the wrong section admins, please move accordingly....

I'm after some Live friction recordings, I can only seem to find global gathering 2010 or west fest 2014 o_O (global set is fire btw)

and also a streaming of 2015 from glasto

Has anyone any idea of where to get some 2011/ 12 /13 /14 /15 stuff? Many thanks DNBforum:2thumbs::2thumbs::2thumbs:
Found these Online i have more some live Some studio i have to look for and upload .... Hopefully by Wednesday
Ah thanks for that bro, do you know anything about newer stuff like 2011/12/13 etc? Seems like there is nothing online, wondering if there is a copy right reason or something not sure!
Yeah thats one of my fav recent frictions mixes i still have it on repeat
no prob mate
ill try to have more this weekend
I found a 2011 one today, from a innovation cd pack, on dnb share, will post a link of interested, with eksman Fatman d and some other mc
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