Drum & Bass DJ Fresh & MC Stunnah @ Dreamland 15 Years


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Re: DJ Fresh & MC Stunnah @ Dreamland 15 Years

Oh and your song is great too. Sorry for double posting @mods, but I think "energize" is worthy a post for itself.

So you're Sigma yourself? Nice to meet you. Well.. I know it'll be never my decision, but you guys seem to have great producing skills. Personally, I'd prefer you to produce something more underground like, guess it would be really great old-fashioned way DnB/Jungle. Imho the mainstream way of DnB has gotten way too much attention, the underground-like DnB is so much better... Nevertheless, even if you stay more "mainstream", keep up your work, in the end it's still fine-quality music!

Wow way too many "way"s in my post, that's weird in a way.:worm2:

EDIT 02:28 a.m.: What I said was meant to refer to current developments... I know tracks like 'Front To Back', great and nice DnB - last few times I heard of you just was through UKF where most of the music simply is mainstream style. Still, I didn't imply to tell you your music wasn't good nowadays, I simply tried to express that I think that there are lots of great old-fashioned Jump Up DnB about to get lost between all those new standards... PLUS (last thing now, promise) I've got to say that it's pretty nice meeting some actual scene stars online und to have the chance to talk to them.
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