Dj Fresh Album

nice to see breakbeat kaoss still smashing it long after pendulum's farewell

not saying that pendulum made the label but they certainly put it on the map and sure as hell brought alot of revenue and attention to it

brookes brothers album and now this all yet to come! not forgetting nero's act like you know!

i wud still like to see some more new signings from them but im pleased their doing well
lol at tranzmission on saturday night i remember the biggest fight kicking off between these huge shottahs n the security just as talkbox by Fresh was dropped by Friction. as soon as they were fighting n everyone cleared this area on the dancefloor, me n my pals just moved into this space n continued raving hard. Big up Fresh for flawless tunes!
DJ Fresh
Brookes Brothers

It was stated by BBK back in January that all of the above have albums coming out this year. I'll be very surprised if this is the case but we live in hope
Saw Fresh drop these last night and honestly none of the tunes mentioned above (with exception of 'Heavyweight') really excited me..
I wasn't that keen on Talkbox at first, but after hearing it at Ram at Matter the other week, OH MY GOSH

Tune is epic
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