Hardcore DJ Flow 'The Voyage' Old Skool Hardcore mix

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    After Papa J nagged me to add more minutes on my Soundcloud - I wanted to do a recording of the set I played at the Dreamscape pre-party. So basically took those tunes, added a few more and then did this mix. I called it The Voyage as it goes from uplifting to dark to jungle techno to uplifting again. 100% vinyl mix - enjoy peeps. :cool:

    Give a Little Love (Nookie)
    Euphoria (Nino's Dream)
    NHS (Disco remix)
    Here Comes the Drumz (Nasty Habits)
    Darkcore (Two Dark Troopers)
    Final Conflict (Tango & Ratty remix)
    Twisted (Invisible man)
    Got to Release (Double Vision)
    Push up the Levels (Smooth but Hazzardous)
    Psychic Trauma (20 Hurts)
    I.Q (Electronic Experienced)
    Art of Intelligence (Ruff with the Smooth)
    Music 4 Da People - Poached remix (Yolk)
    High & Dry remix (China White)
    The Slammer (Krome & Time)
    Believe In remix (Ironik)
    N'Joi This (The Untouchables)
    You are the One (Red Alert & Mike Slammer)