*** dJ fLiCkY Straight up funk DUBSTEP 04/09 ***


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Oct 10, 2007
London, United Kingdom, United Kingdom
This is my new Dubstep set, not done one for a while so fill ur boots!! This is the straight up funky sick stuff none of the Grime sounding shit!!

Not expecting much responce as my D&B dont get much of a look in LOL, all pretty newish beats with a few minor hick ups buit overall pretty Sick!!


Alkira Kitesha - Pinball
>> Benny Page - Pan Pipes
Shock One - Adichigara's Theme
Synko - Bitz
Skream - Fick
Riskotheque - Def Disco
Joker - Digidesign
Antisurum - Skull Fucked
Chase & Status - Against all odds
JFB - Time Collapse
Nero - Night Thunder
Quemists - Dem na like me (Subscape remix)
Benga - Better
Distance - Headstrung
Chase & Status - Saxon
Bar 9 - Baking Bread
Rusko - Mr Chips
Kononzuk - Miss Her
Skream - If you know
Jakes - Rock the bells
Nero - Something else
Sook - End of time
Dj Orion - Alien bum sex
Distance - V
Babylon System - Examination of time VIP
Ed Solo - Watch ur eyes
16 Bit - PCP
Sook - the new black
>> Benny Page - Swagger
Shuttle - Tunnel (High Rankin Remix)

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Yes Flicky! this was sick, not really into Dub that much but really enjoyed it. This is guna be sticking around the i-pod for a while me thinks.


Quemists - Dem na like me (Subscape remix) :antitank:

Big ups!
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