dJ fLiCkY- Shine night club 5/9/08


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Oct 10, 2007
London, United Kingdom, United Kingdom
This is the set from me playing out at a private party on Friday 5th Sept, i think its kind of huge the buzz was sick, its the first chance i had to play some of my new beats, im just pissed that my More than alot ep never came in time!! Let me know if you would have enjoyed this there is a bit of everything!


Pieces - Chase & Status ft Plan B
>>Join the dots - Subfocus
Crazy World - J Magic (Brookes Brothers remix)
Diplidocus - Noisia
Layers - Proxima (Huge)
Stopit - Spor
Something about you - J Magic & Wickerman remix
Creep out - Upbeats ft Noisia (Huge)
Lightly salted - EBK
Pjanoo - High Contrast Remix
>>The Circle - Taxman
Talk to frank - Commix (Break remix)
Breath & Stop - Xample
The Plague - Hive & Keaton (Hive vip)
Original ninja - Taxman
Eastern jam - Chase & Status
This way - Nero
Where's my money - TC (Caspa remix)
>>Holly brook park - Joker
Timewarp - Subfocus
The Highest techniqe - Dj Panik
Gold dust - Fresh
Planet earth - Upbeats & State of mind
Critical force - Proxima
Take me away - Chase & Status
Clarets march - Spor
The Lizard - J Magic & Danny J (DSF Remix)
Smash - Upbeats, Evol intent, Ewun
Body Language - Icicle
Mankind - DC Breaks
Judgement - Chase & Status
The Experiment - Xample ft Lomax
Dark times - Bulletproof, Mindscape, Tiki taane
Age of Empire - Photek
Red Sky - John B



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Jun 7, 2008
Fucking loved it man, serious tracklist and some smooth mixing too.

Mankind into Judgement is such a buff mix, i do it quite alot at home :D
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