***dJ fLiCkY- LIVE party mix 8th Nov***


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Oct 10, 2007
London, United Kingdom, United Kingdom
This is my lastest mix hope u all enjoy! 1 of the needles is slightly fucked so there are a few little mistakes,and can you beleive someone actually leaded on the deck and stopped a tune while i was about to double drop Smash TV/The sun CUNT!!! lol its still a sweet mix!! lol


Cyclone - Phetsta
The Echelon form - Icicle/Proxima
Draw - Break
Flash point - Die
Borrowed time VIP - Subfocus/TC
Frequency scale - Taxman/Heist
Star guitar - Brookes Brothers
Imax - Culture Shock
Streetlife - Chase & Status
Rack it - Commix
Just a moment - Icicle
Tear you down - Brookes Brothers
Hammerhead - Logistics/Nu:Tone
Decibel - Original Sin
Still Here - Baron
Music club - Chase & Status (Jumpy needle grr)
Wake up call - State of mind
Breath - Apex
Dont look back - Agent Alvin
The Sun - Phetsta
Smash TV - Chase & Status (CUNT leaned on deck!!)
Equinox- Taxman/Heist
Twisted Angel - Prolix
Sneaker - Inside info
Kronix- Culture Shock
Has it come to this - D&B Remix
Trooper - Nu:Tone
Adrift - Icicle/Nympho (Rewind)
>>Poison - Upbeats
Emo Funk - Apex
>>International Sound - Bassface Sasha
Timewarp - Subfocus
>>French Fuck - Dirtyphonics
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Jan 7, 2007
good mix mate, jus a lil bit over the top with the effects

and considering a drunk person leaned on ur deck u managed to make it unoticable and get it back it sync within about 10 seconds, that's skills mate...
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