DJ Flax - 19/3/2009 1hr mix


Jan 14, 2008
hey everyone, this is the latest mix I've done so far.

Tracklisting :-
Recluse - Comeback
Iron Hands - Call in sick
DJ Pleasure - The Dagger
Serum & Bladerunner - Snakefist
Heist - Sleep in ya eyes
Distorted Mindz & MC Foxy - Ouch!
DJ Heretic & Top Cat - Bunn da Sensi
Mampi Swift - One Finger
Taxman - Unreal
Krust - Warhead (TC remix)
DJ Pleasure - Flesh eaters
Serum - Pappa Lover
Steppa & Kitcha - Comedown
Crystal Clear & Cabbie - Streethawk
DJ Guv - Search & Destroy
TC - Haterz
Steppa & Kitcha - The Business
Taxman - I Dreamt Music
Twisted Individual - Bandwago Blues
DJ Pleasure - Frost bite
Iron Hands - Concrete Donkey
DJ Pleasure - Massacre
DJ Sly - Pinhead
Noisia - Diplodoclus
DJ Kre - The Hussle
Simon Bassline Smith - Junglist (Twisted Individual Remix)

Hope u enjoy and a little fb would be loverly!


Dec 2, 2008
The Shire
I'm sure I grabbed your mix before, I always leave a thanks if I do so cant have, on the d/l now though, i'll leave some feedback later if I'm feelin it, nice bouncy tracklist tho.
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