DJ FIRE STARTER April Drum & Bass Mix (3 decks)

Fire starter

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Techy drum and bass with a few ragga tracks here and there
I think its my best mix so far, let me know what you think

Track Listing
1.No Respect - Xample ft. Jakes
2.El Presidente VIP - Sigma
3.Mortal Wound - Divine Elements
4.Jungle Fx - Lomax
5.Show Me love - Blame Remix
6.Let's Go - Camo & Crooked
7.Dark River - Mampi Swift
8.Everlasting - Divine Elements
9.Hold That Thought - The Funktion
10.Vampires VIP - Camo & Crooked
11.Clairvoyance - Axiom
12.Ragga Muffin - Benny Page
13.Turn Down The Lights - Benny Page
14.Crying Out - Benny Page
15.Control Freak - Audio
16.See Through You - Camo & Crooked
17.Deception - Noisia
18.Cretin - Blokhead
19.Jamrock - Sigma Remix
20.The Escape - Camo & Crooked
21.Murderation - Logistics
22.Time Goes On - Marky & S.P.Y
23.Set It Off - Friction
24.Walk on Air - Camo & Crooked
25. Code Red VIP -Serial Killers remix