DJ Error - 3 Deck All Sorts mix!

Discussion in 'Members Mixes' started by DJError, Apr 17, 2011.

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    Mar 31, 2009
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    Bit of everyhing put together on this one

    Original Sin - Original Badboy
    >>>Loadstar - Link to the Past
    Noisia - My World
    Wilkinson - Moonwalker
    >>>DJ Hazard - Busted
    Noisia & Phace - Floating Zero
    >>>Rockwell - Full Circle
    Die - Ghet'to Business
    Kasra & S.P.Y - Surface
    Hybris - Keeping Me
    Hazard - Proteus
    Harvest - Supernatural
    Hoax - Quickie
    Interface - Get Lo
    DC Breaks - Take That
    >>>Taxman - Evasion (Remix)
    Sub Zero - Brighter Days
    >>Sensa - The Dream Catcher
    Hazard - Food Fight
    >>>DLR & Octane - Transition
    >>>Pleasure & Origin - Hubba Bubba
    Majistrate & Logan D - Car Jackin'
    Original Sin - Phantasm
    >>>Sub Zero - Motion
    >>>Hazard - 0121 VIP​
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    Apr 2, 2011
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    Just listen very impressed mate.

    Original Badboy / Link to the Past - Loved that filth.
    My World - out of nowhere! Yeh liked that as well. Just before it dropped you had 3 goin (fair play!) did sound a bit like too much goin on for a few seconds but ye minor really.
    Moonwalker - again basses worked really well, little tweak needed before the drop but sorted quickly.
    Busted - Out of nowhere again! Eq spot on.
    Floating Zero - Noice
    Full Circle - came in perfectly, really liked that one
    Ghet'to Business - worked nice, maybe could have come in a phase later, eqed well.
    Surface - out of nowhere againnn!
    Keeping Me - where are they coming from?!! fresh.
    Proteus / Supernatural - liked that n all.
    Quickie / Get Lo - great mix
    Take That / Evasion (Remix) - not bad
    Brighter Days - sounded nice on the build up but not too sure about the mix personally but eqed well enough to work.
    Dream Catcher - Out of nowhere! Thats more like it.
    Food Fight - worker nice with bass on brighter days but ye liked it.
    Transition - again wasn't expectin that so soon! Shweet mix.
    Hubba Bubba - drums maybe a bit too messy but eq'd well.
    Car Jackin' - mix alrite, not a fan of the tune to be honest but you can't please everyone!
    Phantasm/ Motion - would go off!
    /0121 VIP - Sick!

    Wicked mix mate, love the way you surprise! Loads of quality doubles, few minor slips but sorted quickly. Went off on one a bit... quite lean to be fair... check out my mix if you get a chance bro, safe

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  3. DJError

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    Mar 31, 2009
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    London, United Kingdom, United Kingdom
    big up mate appreciate all that feedback!

    yeh i agree with take that and brighter days, i pranged out and just quickly pulled it out lol.

    really not feelin the hubba bubba mix and i thought car jackin was a bit too overpowering but i didnt want to not put the mix up just because of that haha but i will definitely check out your mix tomoro after work!

    big ups
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    looks pretty cool man gonna check it out.. in the mood for something heavy