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Epi is a DJ of Tenerife (Canary Islands, Spain) to which is known him for its linking with the Drum & Bass (musical style belonging to one of the branches of the electronic music, by-product of the Jungle/Old Skool).

At present belongs to the collective Kaos Club (one of the collective that but boom had in the year 2005/06), Urban Cultivate (collective, development and organizer of pioneering global events in Tenerife) and co-owner of the physical record store dedicated and specialized in the Disc Jockey; The DJ Shop.

Epi has obtained since the year 2006 to be done a still more important hole in the scene of Tenerife, acting in the majority of important events for all the geography of Tenerife and participating also in some events carried out in the island of La Palma.

Him it can be characterized in its form to puncture, by its tendency to carry out "Double Drop" and by its great technique of the "Scratching", besides by a great precision and election of tunes with the ones that delights us in its sessions. It charms him to contact with the public and is used to showing it constantly.

In we will maintain you reported of all the news, current events, events, mixes, booking, videos, etc, related to DJ Epi.

Do not you lose the opportunity to know to one of the better DJ' s of Drum & Bass of the province of Canary Islands…

A greeting and many thanks...