DJ Empty - Step 2

So this is the first time I've ever put anything I've recorded on the web. I need the opinion of strangers for once, because only strangers will give you an honest opinion. I'd appreciate any and all feedback.

Enjoy :D

Step 2

Spor- Mole hill
Tech Itch – The Ruckus
Evol Intent – 8 Bit Bitch
Computer Club – Load Rocket (Gridlok Remix)
Noisia – Block control VIP
Raiden – I hate you mother fuckers
Kosheen – Suicide
Evol Intent? - ??
Tech Itch – Dimensions
Evol Intent – Corrupt cops
Baby Origami and Frank Musik – Time keeps moving
Brookes Brothers – F-Zero
Bachelors of Science Fiction – Strings track
Jazz Thieves – Midnight hour
Pendulum – Back to you
Brookes Brothers vs Future bound – Dawn Treader
Bachelors of Science Fiction – Song for Lovers

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